Energy & Utilities

The complex operations of companies in the energy industry means tax exemptions are complicated. Those who serve energy customers may have to abide by several exemption rules that apply to a single client. GMG CERTifyTax is an automated solution backed by a team of tax professionals with extensive experience in the Energy and Utility sectors. Our product removes the barrier of managing exempt sales and reduces your liability of tax assessments. That means more money for your company and a streamlined certificate submission process for your customer.

Solutions for Complex Transactions

Energy delivery encompasses a wide range of industrial projects and residential installations. Sales take place over several stages and through multiple methods. GMG CERTifyTax is tailor made for this kind of complexity. Our solution is not only highly advanced but has been customized to meet and exceed your specific needs as a, Energy or Utility business. That way, our team can work with you to develop an optimal exempt sales solution that protects your business from audit exposure, while minimizing your day-to-day administrative work in this area.

The energy industry is driven by high investment in large scale projects that affect entire communities. Our solution can be utilized whether those projects include pipelines, hydroelectric, solar, or small-neighborhood installations. All of these have unique challenges and opportunities that should not be sidelined by the burden of exemption certificate management. That is why GMG CERTifyTax offers not only rote automation, but expertise and customization.

Meter Level Tracking and Processing

GMG CERTifyTax is designed for use in situations where multiple taxation rules apply to a single customer. For example, you may supply natural gas to a manufacturer who is using that energy for its administrative offices and its production line. One of those activities may be tax exempt, while the other is not. GMG CERTifyTax tracks exemptions at the meter level. That ensures correct billing and complete paperwork to demonstrate you have levied the correct charges. As a result, you prevent any mistakes that may cause disruption to your customer; you also maintain an exemplary taxation record that reduces your audit liability.

Experts in Energy and Utility Taxation

What sets GMG CERTifyTax apart is our team of tax experts, including tax attorneys that have advised some of the energy and utility industries’ largest players. That knowledge and commitment is what we offer clients, in addition to our advanced exemption certificate technology. We want to help you to preserve your cash, by reducing your risk of a large tax assessment at the time of audit. When your exemption certificate management process works, you achieve optimal compliance, saving you money and an audit headache.

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