GMG CERTifyTax is a technology-based solution that utilizes the expertise of tax professionals who have experience in defending sales tax audits for some of the largest retailers in the country. The solution is designed to help retailers preserve their bottom line, by risking less cash loss due to a sales tax assessment. Our team of tax consultants have the experience and track record to provide tax insight while being mindful of business considerations.

Elevates the Customer Experience

Successful retailers create a superior buying experience. It is not just about the product — it is about the journey, from interest to purchase. Exempt sales certificates can put a damper on that customer experience. A finalized sale becomes a complex process that is more about paperwork than receipt of a new item.

Automated exempt sales certificate management removes this barrier. Customers get the benefit of tax exemption while GMG CERTifyTax’s solution completes the required forms. This improves the relationship between the retailer and the consumer. It also helps ensure the retailer fulfills its business obligations.

Protects from Audit Exposure

This automated solution helps retailers maintain sales volume without worrying they are missing a piece of legal paperwork that leaves them exposed to sales tax liability. GMG CERTifyTax collects certificates that are complete and accurate, so these businesses have the documentation required to support their tax exempt sales at the time of audit.

Tax Professionals with Retail Expertise

Other commercial exempt sales solutions rely on automated software. GMG CERTifyTax goes a step beyond, with our full suite of tax professionals. This in-depth expertise means our retail clients have an edge; they benefit from our knowledge of their industry and have a partner that understands how to execute a plan to save money and protect profit margins.

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