The telecommunications industry is highly regulated. As a result, providers must manage several different fees and taxes at the state and federal level. The inability to track these appropriately leaves you vulnerable to a large audit assessment which has a negative financial impact on your company. GMG CERTifyTax not only automates this process, but also has a solution that calls upon the knowledge of tax experts. Our professionals know the unique taxation complexities of the telecommunications industry gained through our experience with the largest telecommunication companies in the country.

Automated Handling of Telecommunication Taxes and Fees

GMG CERTifyTax is a customizable, highly advanced exemption certificate management solution. We developed a completely distinct version of CERTifyTax to address the specific challenges faced by telecommunication companies. Our professionals understand your individual needs as a telecommunications provider, considering the distinct regulatory environment of the industry. That includes multiple billing systems and a wide range of potential clientele subject to different rules.

The sophistication of our solution permits exemption management at the most granular levels. In addition, our team and product can help streamline and automate some of your business’ essential tax requirements, including:

  • Annual collection of the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) forms
  • Federal Universal Service Charge
  • Regulatory Recovery Fee
  • 911 Service Fees
  • State Universal Service Fund
  • County Telecom Surcharge
  • State Telecom Surcharge
  • Telecommunications Relay Service
  • Gross Receipts Tax Surcharge
  • Administrative Charge
  • Communications Tax

Our solution makes it easy for you to fulfill your regulatory obligations, while still making life easy on your customers.

Reduced Risk of Audit Assessment

The strict regulatory environment and multiple levels of tax administration means telecommunication companies may expect to get a second look from taxation authorities. During the audit process, businesses must produce valid documentation upon request. If anything is incorrect or missing, the audit can result in large tax assessments, interest, and penalties. This means a big tax bill, reducing your

profitability and ultimately cash flow. It can mean sacrificing other business priorities to pay an assessment that, with the right solution, could have been avoided.

Tax Experts in Telecommunications

GMG CERTifyTax is more than an automated solution. We are proud of the tax professionals who work as part of our team. They include experts on all aspects of the telecommunications industry. By relying on GMG CERTify Tax, you can reduce your tax audit exposure and focus on running your business.

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Is Your Business at Risk for Tax Audits?

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