The CERTifyTax Difference

Our people make the difference. GMG CERTifyTax’s team includes experienced state and local tax experts who can provide meaningful insight into your liability, mitigate the exposure, and prevent the exposure from recurring. We offer actionable, personalized information about your risk.

Experts in a New Taxation Environment Following Wayfair

Wayfair vastly increased a state’s ability to impose sales tax collection and remittance responsibilities upon a company. It is no longer required that organizations have a physical presence in the state — physical presence nexus — to collect and remit sales tax. Now, only an economic nexus is required. That means businesses, e-commerce sites among them, may have to collect state sales taxes for potentially dozens of jurisdictions.

Team of Professionals Working to Mitigate Exposure

Our professionals have superior expertise. The team includes more than 30 attorneys, certified public accountants (CPAs), and tax technologists. They provide full visibility of your potential exposure from legal and financial perspectives.

Developing Customized Solutions

Each business has unique needs when it comes to handling exemption certificates. With our experience we have seen it all, we have developed a completely customizable approach offering our clients a range of options to find the best solution for their company.

There is no configuration or existing exempt sales management process we have not seen. We have a superior ability to configure our technology solution to the needs of each individual client. We create a functional and efficient process flow architecture that successfully manages exposure.

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Is Your Business at Risk for Tax Audits?

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