Are your Exempt Sales Tax Documents Audit Ready?

by | Jun 16, 2021

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Is Your Current Sales Tax Documentation Management & Filing System Audit Ready?

The knot. You know the one, deep in your stomach when a tax auditor requests exempt sales documentation from your company. Until you search through your imaged documents or your filing cabinets, you can’t know for certain what you’ll find.

But you already know in your gut what to expect: Some unhealthy mixture of missing certificates, improperly completed certificates, expired certificates, incorrectly chosen forms (generally Texas will not accept an Alabama resale certificate – go figure), and (fingers crossed) valid certificates.

And so you begin your quest.

Once you understand the documentation you have and what you don’t – the hard part begins.

That pain. You know this one too. In the back of your neck, as you realize the magnitude of the task ahead. As if you and your team weren’t already swamped trying to keep up with day-to-day work. You assess the situation and the questions begin to mount:

  • Should you simply forward the existing documentation over to the audit team? (Oh my!)
  • Do you have the bandwidth and specialized expertise to properly assess whether each certificate is sufficient under the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction?
  • Should your customer service or client teams reach out to customers to try to attain proper documentation? (And if so, who within your customers’ organizations should they contact?)
  • How will you validate newly acquired certificates?
  • When is enough, enough?

The bottom line is that obtaining and validating exempt sales documentation is highly specialized and time-consuming. It is not at the top of most tax professionals’ list of priorities.

Fortunately, it is the only item on our list.

Documenting exempt sales is our business and we can make your life easier and much more profitable. Give us a call. We will assess the validity of your existing documentation and determine your current exposure. We will contact your customers (or former customers) through data-driven intelligent, efficient campaigns to acquire or perfect exempt sales documentation. We will provide you with cataloged images of all your existing and newly acquired documentation to make your life easier going forward. If you like, we can also work directly with your auditors to resolve your documentation issues.

Why should you turn to the exempt sales experts at CERTifyTax?

  • We utilize our proprietary best-in-class software, designed specifically for this purpose.
  • We have a professional staff of dedicated exempt sales experts. Because a tool alone is not enough. We study every exemption and every requirement in every jurisdiction and bring this expertise to you.
  • We have a streamlined process designed to reduce the burden on your staff and your customers. (And even on your state taxing authorities.)
  • We will dramatically reduce your exposure efficiently and affordably.
  • We guarantee an ROI of AT LEAST 400%. (Ask us!)

That smile. You deserve this. Contact us today and discover why so many of the largest companies making sales across America use our software and expertise to resolve their exemption documentation challenges.

What’s your exposure risk?




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