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by | Jul 9, 2021

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CERTifyTax Eliminates the Burden of Collecting Annual Tax and Regulatory Exemption Certificates

Let’s face it if your business makes sales exempt from tax or regulatory fees keeping up with requesting certificates is a hassle.  If you are like most businesses, you or members of your team are tasked with initiating communications to request the certificates or tracking when a certificate request must take place.  Even those businesses using an “out of the box” exemption certificate management software experience the arduous task of ensuring that the system meets the statutory and regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction for each form.

CERTifyTax was designed by tax attorneys to eliminate the burdens and pitfalls of collecting tax and regulatory exemption certificates.  CERTifyTax professionals have experience defending audits related to exempt transactions and have leveraged that experience to know exactly where auditors seek to find errors with certificates based on the deficiencies of “out of the box” exemption certificate management software.  Additionally, we understand the practical challenges associated with collecting the proper documentation from your customers.  Whether you are collecting annual Florida resale certificates or are required to collect Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) certificates CERTifyTax has you covered.

The reason why we have you covered is simple: we employ technology-enabled services to deliver results.  Technology alone is not the answer to collecting the certificates your business needs to withstand audit scrutiny.  Additionally, solely employing a service provider to handle this work creates unintended burdens such as manually inputting exempt statuses or transferring results to multiple systems.

By combining our experience defending audits with our proprietary software we are the only practice in the country that specializes in streamlining the certificate acquisition process with a focus on mitigating potential audit exposure.  We meet with all our clients quarterly to review the results of the previous months’ certificate acquisition efforts.  At CERTifyTax we take our cues from big data analytics to determine how best to obtain certificates and customers.  The reason why we remain involved in overseeing the use of CERTifyTax and providing consulting services is simple: we aim to deliver a quantifiable return on investment through mitigating exposure and alleviating the burdens placed on your team.  Unlike tax technology companies who implement and say, “good luck”, CERTifyTax professionals are vested in the success of our program.

For the reasons above, the largest companies in the country are turning to CERTifyTax to handle their issues related to properly documenting exempt sales.  We have saved our clients over 750 million dollars in audit exposure through our approach of implementing CERTifyTax and leveraging the knowledge base of our tax professionals.  Let us do the same for your company.

The Easy Way

With CERTifyTax you do not need to worry about dealing with all the issues related to exempt sales. Leave the certificates to us so that you can focus on your business. Contact Ray Diaz at 914-798-9925 to learn more about our technology-enabled services – from exemption certificate review and certificate acquisition campaigns to quantifying and resolving areas of exposure we own the issues and deliver results. 

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