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by | Jun 28, 2021

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Effective Exemption Certificate Management: Technology Alone is Not the Answer

Companies all over are facing the challenge of maintaining compliance with state tax laws in a changing business environment. Specifically, businesses may be in a situation where they’ve been asked to do more with less. 

While tax software is a critical tool in achieving compliance with numerous laws and easing the burden on staff, technology cannot provide the insight and experience needed to tailor the proper solution for your business. Although software may seem to automate the entire exemption certificate management process, some technology cannot address issues or help pay an assessment.

Technology Enabled Services Save Time and Money

GMG CERTifyTax has developed a suite of services leveraging our exemption certificate management solution CERTifyTax to deliver quantifiable value and material savings to our clients. Whether you need short-term assistance due to staff reduction, a deeper understanding of the gaps in your current platform or want to have a team of professionals proactively manage your exemption certificates we can help.  

Our technology-enabled services leverage the latest business intelligence tools to deliver transparency to your business’s financial well-being as it relates to exempt sales. By partnering with GMG CERTifyTax, you receive access to powerful exemption certificate management software and tax consultants with the know-how to protect your bottom line.

We have saved our clients over 750 million dollars in potential sales tax assessments.

Delivering Value

With CERTifyTax you do not need to worry about dealing with all the issues related to exempt sales. Leave the certificates to us so that you can focus on your business. Contact Ray Diaz at 914-798-9925 to learn more about our technology-enabled services – from exemption certificate review and certificate acquisition campaigns to quantifying and resolving areas of exposure we own the issues and deliver results.



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